How to Choose Baby Clothes for a Baby Shower

If you have a friend or relative who is about to, or has recently, given birth then you will surely be thinking about presents. What sort of presents do parents of newborn babies need? Chances are that they have bought all the key equipment: the pram, the baby bottles, a sterilization kit, nappies, and all the other paraphernalia needed for a young baby. Aside from nappies there is one thing that parents can never have enough of: baby clothes. No doubt they have plenty but if they are new parents, they will probably have no idea how much clothing they actually need. With very little time on their hands getting a wash in can be hard work the more clothes they have the less they need to worry about this chore.Baby clothes are an ideal present, particularly for parents who have a little girl. Parents generally find dressing baby girls immensely fun, so here we will concentrate only on baby girl clothes although you will find useful information even if you are buying for a boy.The selection available in baby girl clothes is huge and there is a much broader choice in design and style which means that shopping for girl’s clothes is much more fun!Firstly before you buy any item of clothing you need to know how big the baby is. You may be thinking to yourself, ‘the baby’s newborn so they’ll need newborn sized clothing. This is not necessarily the case. Some babies are born prematurely and these babies often require a much smaller size than the regular newborn sizes. Alternatively the baby may be bigger than average 10lb or over and require clothing for ages 3 months – 6 months. Find out before you buy the clothes which size the baby will take. Remember also that babies will grow fast; you could actually do your friend or relative a favour, and purchase a larger size so as to negate their need to buy new clothing when the baby grows out of her beginner clothes.When choosing clothes think about how the parents live their lives. Are they laid back and relaxed or are they formal and rather particular? If they fall into the first category, then they will like the more casual styles of baby clothes if they fall in the latter they will probably enjoy the more dressy clothing.If the thought of traipsing around the shops on a busy afternoon puts you off from buying baby clothes you can always buy them online. Many people are reluctant to purchase baby girl clothes online for fear of the quality being low. Occasionally you may shop with an online retailer who sells poor quality clothing but the majority of the time the clothing is equal to if not better than the clothing found in the high street shops. There is one tried and tested method of establishing whether the retailer is reliable or not, and that is by checking out online review sites. If they receive mainly positive reviews, it is more than a fair bet that they are reliable.